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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection : Color - Part 1 || Mini Review and Swatches

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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection recently launched in USA. I have been eagerly waiting for this collection's launch. MAC did an outstanding job with the packaging. It is gorgeous! And when I got to experience the collection (while I was on vacation) I was amazed at the quality of the products. MAC has outdone themselves on this one!

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection for Summer 2014
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On MAC's website the collection has been categorized into 2 parts: Face and Color. The Face collection consists of 4 bronzers and face brush and a makeup bag. The Color part of the collection has everything that has to do with color i.e. Eyeliner, Lipsticks, Lip Glass, Lip Pencils, Eye Shadows, Blushes and Nail Lacquers. I don't have swatches for the Face part of the collection but I have the swatches for the Color part of the collection. Getting the swatches to show up for the Face collection was really difficult as it consists of bronzers and the swatches didn't really look that good on camera at the time.

I had to break up this review into three parts as I have too much to say about the products.
Part 1: Eyeliner and Lipsticks
Part 2: Lip Glass and Lip Pencils
Part 3: Eye Shadows, Blushes and Nail Lacquers

So lets begin with the Part 1

Watch the video from MAC Cosmetics


MAC Alluring Aquatic Pearlglide Intensive Eye Liner
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MAC Alluring Aquatic Pearlglide Intensive Eye Liner Review and Swatches

MAC Says:
An eye pencil that provides rich, luxurious colour with a touch of shimmer and sparkle. Smooth, creamy formula glides on for a perfectly intense line, yet its soft texture allows you to blend. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. Limited-edition teal Alluring Aquatic packaging.

I think:
MAC launched only two eyeliners and both are very wearable. The color Black Line as per MAC is black with gold pearl but to me it seems to have some green in it too. The color Black Swan as per MAC is black with pearl but to me it is black eyeliner with silver shimmer. I really like the color Black Line. It is like black with a twist! They are very creamy and smudge-proof.

Quick Facts:
Net Wt.: 2.2g / 0.04 US oz.
Price: US $17.5
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MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipstick
MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection for Summer 2014
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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Lipsticks Review and Swatches

MAC says:
Colour plus texture for the lips that made M•A•C famous. Limited-edition teal packaging, dramatically accented with sheer water droplets.

I think:
MAC launched 5 lipsticks as a part of this collection. The color Siren Song as per MAC is a sheer pale beige color. It is a Lusture formula in MAC terms. This is was the most disappointing one out of the five. This lipstick is very very sheer. It sort of deposits only some shimmer but no color. It also applies slightly unevenly. The color Pet Me, Please as per MAC is a Light Shimmering Mauve but to me it was a super shimmery pale pink color. It is a Frost formula in MAC terms. The color to me was more appropriate for an eye shadow than lipstick. It probably will look nice on fair girls but accordingly to me is not a color that everyone would be comfortable with. The picture of the color on the MAC website does not give a good representation of the true color.

The color Goddess of the Sea as per MAC is a Dark Vibrant Violet but to me is a beautiful wearable purple color. It is a Creemsheen formula in MAC terms. I am not a fan of purple colors for lips but I think this is a really pretty one and will look amazing on medium to dark skin tones. I think the picture on MAC website makes the color look a lot darker than it actually is. The color Enchanted One as per MAC is a Midtone Neutral Pink but I think it is a nice peachy neutral shade. It is a Matte formula. The picture on the MAC website makes the color look a little too drab, but is a lot prettier in person. The color Mystical as per MAC is a Midtone Creamy Rose Color which I agree with. This is a Creemsheem formula in MAC terms. This is my favorite out of the bunch. It is color that will look great on everyone. It is an everyday color for medium to dark skin colored girls.

Quick Facts:
Net Wt.: 3g / 0.1 US oz.
Price: US$17.50
Buy from: Click HERE


This rounds up Part 1 of the Review and Swatches for MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection. The Part 2 will be up soon. If you liked this post then keep your eyes peeled for that one because it features the Lip glasses and Lip Liners. Do share your thoughts on the collection in the comments section below and if you are planning to pick something up from this collection.



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